Sunday, September 15, 2013

Georgia On My Mind

This weekend was a fun, little one with my dad in Georgia, and I had so much fun!

Friday when I posted, I was in Chattanooga, waiting on my dad to get out of a meeting. It was cool to see where he travels to work there. Afterwards, we drove to Athens and got there later that afternoon to see the University of Georgia. It was beautiful there and I loved it!

I swear, anywhere you visit on college trips seems like 'the prettiest college ever'! 

After that tour, we left for Atlanta. I'd been there before two years ago when we watched our Cats in the NCAA basketball tournament in the Elite 8 (and later went on to win the national championship!), and I just think it's one of the most amazing cities.

We ate dinner at this amazing place, Maggiano's. Italian, of course...I'm obsessed with any sort of Italian food. Carbs may not love my figure, but oh, how I love some good pasta. My dad even insisted on me taking a picture of my meal because it looked so pretty. 

It was SO GOOD: cheese-filled ravioli with pesto alfredo sauce. Seriously, here I am again to tell you that eating vegetarian doesn't make you miss out on anything. 

We spent the night in Atlanta and woke up to visit Emory University. Sadly, I didn't get any photos because we were busy the whole day!! But of course, this campus is absolutely gorgeous as well!

After a long day there, I was thankful to be back in my old Kentucky home.

Today is a day of lazying around, catching up on work, trying to get over a silly sinus infection, and enjoying sweet treats from my brother's adorable girlfriend (she works in a bakery, how cool?! She's a keeper).

Hoping for a great week ahead!



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