Monday, September 30, 2013

Fresh Neutrals

I've realized recently that my wardrobe is full of neutrals. As much as I love color, I feel so much better in just simple colors (especially in the fall and winter), which is something I'm working on...but I'll still always love neutrals, especially when they're in this classic look.

This necklace was one I got in 7th grade in the markets in Charleston, South Carolina, on a school trip. I actually never wore it until sophomore year, but I'm obsessed with it now. It adds such a unique look!

These ballet flats are actually a steal...they're from Forever 21! They're also what got me through many days of business casual at LBW.

I love this outfit because I feel so polished in it. And who doesn't love a white oxford and tweed skirt? 
It's fall, y'all!

Shirt: Izod | Skirt: Gap | Shoes: Forever 21

What sort of neutrals do you love?


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