Friday, September 13, 2013

City Hoppin

A lot of people say that their life isn't interesting enough to blog or write about (which I completely disagree with, everyone has something they can write about, but that rant will come at a later day). But that thought is kind of interesting, because blogging is a lot of work and a real time commitment. Anyways, not that my life is real fascinating by any means (I'm honestly just a high schooler. Haha.), but I haven't been able to post some of the more exciting stuff I've wanted to! I mean, cupcakes are exciting, right?!

But right now, I'm all over the place! As I write this, I'm in a hotel in Chattanooga, but will be in Athens and Atlanta within 24 hours. And I was in Louisville last night. All this traveling makes me feel like I'm back at LBW, going from place to place. It's all just senior year stuff, but it makes me happy!

Lots of big stuff happened this week (especially in terms of Monogram Meredith), but the one of the biggest things is my mentoring project with Awesome Inc., a place in Lexington created to help startups and make everything awesome. I'll have to share more about it later (and how awesome it is), but the other day I went through core value training and officially became a member of Team Alpha. Check out @awesome_inc's tweet!

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Who's excited for a good weekend?!


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