Sunday, September 1, 2013

Avocado Obsessed: Avocado Toast

During my AP Macroeconomics class the other day, we were discussing real-life examples of opportunity cost. One of my friends mentioned that while he was at Qdoba, he was faced with the opportunity to get guacamole for a little bit of an extra cost: 60 cents.

So, the class battled over whether or not the guac was worth it. We decided that guacamole was almost always worth the extra cost because we all love it so much. Even our teacher spoke extensively of the good fats and health benefits of avocados. Which made me realize: almost every one loves avocados, right? And if you do like them, you LOVE them.

I mean, I'm a vegetarian, and any veggie sandwich with avocados trumps all other sandwiches. When they have avocado month at Subway, I'm all over it. And I love my sandwich at Jimmy John's (#6 on wheat) solely because of its abundance of avocado.

And yet, I've never used one at my own house.

Every time we buy one, I have to count on my mom to cut it, and either we don't use it or it goes bad. Which is pretty sad, due to my avocado obsession.

But the other day, I bought one while at the grocery store, challenging myself to its use. So yesterday, I dug it out of the refrigerator (Are you supposed to put them in there?? Who knows??), and pulled out a cutting board and a knife. Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I didn't realize how easy they were to cut. I had Googled 'how to cut avocado' without realizing that you cut it in half, twist, dig the pit out, and cut into wedges. It's so easy. But here's the link I used, in case you're in dire need of avocado info. (PS- This is from a site called 'Avocado Central'. A whole website dedicated to the love and awareness of Hass avocados...they even have a board! Where do I sign up?)


YEAH, WOO HOO, I learned how to cut an avocado! So, I spent part of my Saturday obsessing over avocados. To me, you ain't a Pinterest girl if you ain't got at least 12 recipes for something avocado-related. Turns out, I have lots more, but I could only experiment with a couple.

But, you guys, this week is going to be Monogram Meredith Avocado Week. Yes, I'm declaring it a real week, because each day, I'm going to post an avocado-based recipe. I tried like, 10, yesterday, but I'm going to post some of the ones that we've seen all over Pinterest (turns out I've pinned several 'avocado hummus' recipes) and maybe some of my own!

For now, I'll share what I made yesterday, which was mostly toast....but boy, was it good.

Avocados are known for being such a healthy, super food, so I'm trying to keep true to that 'health conscious' ideal. My family uses Nature's Own honey wheat bread (but I love the whole wheat) and Sargento reduced fat provolone cheese. I'm a huge cheese fan, so it's hard to give up on that, but reduced fat always makes it a lot better.
I've heard of so many things to put on top of the bread, cheese, and avocado, so I just tried it all.
Y'all know how I love pesto with a passion, and this was pretty good, but the taste of the pesto overpowered the flavor of the avocado. There's nothing bad about it, but just not worth putting avocado on it.
I'm sorry, but I'm one of those people that puts ranch dressing on everything (if you've never tried it on pizza, PLEASE DO), so I just had to try it with this. It was alright, but not as good as the one below...
Alright, I've had balsamic vinaigrette on salads and been pretty satisfied. But I found our real, actual balsamic vinegar that my mom uses to marinate chicken (but none for me, thank you) and it was amazing with it. Very strong and sweet, so shake a little salt on the top, and you're entering heaven. The balance of it all is absolutely perfect.
So, I'm pretty pumped about my avocado potential. I bought four yesterday, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to get more... it's getting pretty Ah-vacado Ah-mazing in the Scroggin household this week.
Get pumped for MONOGRAM MEREDITH AVOCADO WEEK! Do you guys have any recipes that you love? Let me know!

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