Sunday, September 8, 2013

And...Avocado Week Is Over

I can't believe Monogram Meredith Avocado Week is actually over! This was such a fun little week to spontaneously have; I'd have to say that I'm now a pro avocado-pitter. I mean, I consumed seven avocados this week trying to make my recipes taste delicious (and who doesn't love eating lots of avocado?).

It makes me so happy to know that all of these great recipes are vegetarian and that three of them are vegan (guacamole, hummus, & pasta)!
It was funny having my friends randomly tell me that they love avocados too, or even when one of my second moms tweets me about it...

I love it! I just love the avocado love and appreciation everywhere! Maybe it's just a vegetable, but it's a life changing vegetable.
I guess it's kind of sad that I won't have a brand new avocado recipe for every day, but this was so fun, so I'll have to do another series like it. Plus, I have lots to share from this week that I haven't posted: working at Awesome Inc., Labor Day and the best cupcakes in the world, a world record breaking water balloon fight, and UK gameday... so keep reading!
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