Monday, September 9, 2013

A Lexicomaniac's Thoughts on Lex

When I was at LBW this summer and people asked where I was from and I told them Lexington, Kentucky, most times they just disregarded the Lexington part, remembering only Kentucky. I have lots of Kentucky pride, but I also have so much Lexington pride.

I forget the number of super cool things that happen in Lexington that can't and don't happen anywhere else in the country. Lexington is the sum of everything I love about Kentucky and the South, and yet, is still a big city to house so many things. Rarely do you see a city and college town surrounded by horse farms! Anyways, this weekend was a super fun weekend with so many things happening that only occur in Lexington.

Henry Clay Homecoming

I love high school football games. I really do. My school has an amazing student section at almost every sporting event, but especially at football games, and even more when that this was our homecoming game! (We also had a pep rally that afternoon, where I was an MC...long story). Anyways, we won 50-0, which was exciting!

World's Largest Water Balloon Fight

This is truly a Lexington special. For a couple years (this was my third year), the CSF organization at UK has this huge water balloon fight, breaking the world record. From what I've heard, there were 280,000 water balloons and 12,00 people there. It's seriously the most fun thing because there's such a buildup and everyone goes (but really, everyone's there, including your aunt's brother's daughter's boyfriend and on and on), and it's at midnight. Yup, fun stuff to get to go because you can have plans before and still be there. And then, the throwing of water balloons only goes on for about five minutes, which is probably a good thing (I got hit with a lot of balloons), but it's so much fun.

Do you see all those little things on the other side? Those are people. And this picture doesn't do it justice, all of the intramural fields at UK here are full of people. And those are the water balloons laid out!
So many people. Absolutely insane.
Me and some of my friends all went together (in neon!) and had soo much fun! Plus, you see everyone that you didn't go with anyways! do get soaked.

Getting home at 1:30 and not going to bed until 2:30 is fun...until you have to get up the next morning.

University of Kentucky Football Games

No, but really, UK was playing Miami of Ohio at Commonwealth at 12, so I went with some friends tailgating! None of us had tickets, but seriously, we had so much fun!

I wish I had an up close picture of Kirby's (above) belt, it was adooorable: needlepoint with little football players all over it.
And then I saw Coach Joe B. Hall, former national championship-winning UK basketball coach! He's an absolutely incredible coach!
Then, we had some fun shopping in downtown Lexington. It was weird/cool being with two girls from outside of Lexington because there are so many things I take for granted in Lex!
After that, I was exhausted. I guess football and shopping does that for you, right?!
Lexington is such a fun city. And I have so much love for it and appreciation for living here! If you thought I got excited for it now...just wait until Keeneland opens!
PS- The title: Somehow, I had seen the word 'lexicomaniac' and looked it up because I love words and was genuinely curious. Well, it means "one who loves words and reading". Okay, okay, this is so me. I was writing a lot of words about the city I love, so it only seemed appropriate! This is your dictionary word of the day from me, by the way. Use it on all your friends to try and impress them. Haha.

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