Saturday, August 10, 2013

Believing in retail therapy

Retail therapy is real. Well, at least I've put it into action. I don't know what is after getting back, but all I want to do is shop and shop! So many good excuses for it, too... 'back to school sales' is like music to my sweet little ears.

I went into The Front Porch yesterday to buy my new 2013-2014 Lilly planner (you have no idea how excited I was to get it!) because I had a coupon and a gift certificate (I may love shopping, but I hate spending money!). I was absolutely amazed when I walked in: so many cute things that I just had to have!

Naturally, I found the whole Lilly section of the store, where I could've spent almost all of my money right there. You can always use another tote, right?! But I just got a planner.

And even though I was a little upset that they didn't have a Tusk in Sun or Get Nauti pocket version, I'm super stoked about the Let's Cha Cha one. I loooove the jumbo planners, but they don't fit as easily in my purse, so I always go for the pocket one.

Then, I was looking around and nearly fell in anchor water bottle! Yes, real life. I'm obsessed with water bottles and tumblers and coffee cups and everything cute like this, but usually tumblers with straws are hard to carry around school, so I have a boring purple water bottle. But this one has anchors!

The inner Monogram Meredith in me had to ask about whether or not you could get a monogram decal to go on it. So when they told me they could cut it and be done in five minutes, I freaked. Anchors, water bottles, and pink monograms?! I'm your girl.

What's great is that this water bottle is from Slant Collections, a company with a whole plethora of different products that I'm obsessed with. Seriously, go check it out.

I guess this is the true tale of going in for one thing and coming out with something even better (Target, anyone?). What's something you've gone in to get and then come out with more stuff?


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