Monday, August 12, 2013

New Updates

I've been working this weekend on fixing around some things on my website and I'm really excited to share the things that are published and the things I'm working on!
  1. Signed up a new e-mail address. Feel free to shoot me a message about absolutely anything, I love hearing from people! It's!
  2. Edited the practicality of ordering a Monogram Meredith product. There have been a handful of people from all over the country that expressed interest in a shirt, so I signed up for PayPal and figured out shipping. I'm thrilled to expand the monogram love to all parts of the United States! You can check out those edits on my Monogram Meredith Shirts page.
  3. Created a new header design/logo for the blog. Thought it needed to be a little more personalized!
  4. Set up a Facebook page. You can now 'like' Monogram Meredith right here! Even though it may seem like a minor thing, I'm enthusiastic about the potential it has. Getting more likes means more analytics to look at and how I can improve on what I do, so I'd love it if you did like it!
  5. Thought about how else I'm going to expand Monogram Meredith. With school starting and new sports coming back, I have some ideas on how I can use some of my other crafting skills to work with teams and people! This could possibly include thermoses, picture frames, labels, and lots more. Stay tuned!
Also, while I'm giving some updates, let me share a link to another great site that I love! A great friend from LBW is one movie-loving guy, so much that he started his own movie review website! It's really cool and while talking with him about the different aspects on it, he mentioned how he hadn't posted any music reviews recently and asked me to do a few. While I'm certainly no acclaimed music critic, I had lots of fun listening to new albums coming out soon and writing about them!

I highly recommend reading his quick reviews (MaxReviewNow) and reading my music reviews!

Here's just a screenshot of the site. Be sure to like his Facebook page!
So, with school starting in just a few days, I'm starting to get a little anxious about the upcoming year, as it's my senior year and I'm thinking about all of the things that this year will encompass. But as usual, I'm charged with enthusiasm (is there any other way to go about life?) about what's to come; it's going to be a great year.
with lots of love and enthusiasm,

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