Saturday, August 17, 2013

first day(s) of school lovin

Just a short post for now, but...

I can't believe my first week (or first three days) of senior year is over! I mean, I just had my last first day of school. Isn't that the weirdest thing?

I love back to school outfits; I think it's what makes going back so much smoother!

And who doesn't love a back to school outfit with some Lilly and Jack (and your sweet sister)?

The Scroggins doing school right.
...and more friends!
I think it's safe to say that senior year is going to be a blast! I'm pumped for the potential of so many cool things to happen, but mostly because I'll be doing the things I absolutely love.
With lots of love,


  1. Enjoy every moment of senior year - it flies by! Best of luck for a successful school year and I cannot wait for more of your fun blog posts.


  2. It looks like you had a blast! Hope you enjoy this school year!



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