Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Next Princess Mia

Maybe this is unprofessional, but


How do I even explain myself right now??
I'm in San Francisco finally for my Wharton summer program and even though it's barely been a day and a half, I'm having SO MUCH FUN.

First, let me say that all my prayers go out to everyone involved with the tragedy that happened at San Francisco airport on Saturday; such a horrible thing to happen.

Now, oh my goodness gracious, let me write about what's been happening!

I flew in through Dallas, and after a long bus ride, got to where we were staying. There was already a group of people talking when I got to the campus and I knew that all these people were going to be insanely outgoing.

My super sweet roommate, Juliana, had been there for a while and quickly introduced herself to me! Of course, I had three huge suitcases and a backpack with me, so I frantically introduced myself and shuffled on up to our room.

We even had these cute/weird name tags already on our doors! They ended up being related to how we figured out our groups, so I'm not oddly fascinated with Pooh or anything. And my group is amazing!
...and a huge binder full of absolutely everything you would ever need for the program.
And after unpacking throughout the day, I finally had my own little side of the room settled.
Sunday night, we had dinner and icebreakers and a nightly meeting, and I had already made so many new friends. I have honestly never been around such a great group of people. I know a lot of people with ambition and dreams, but these people here have all put their passions into something that actually exists. Everyone is outgoing and social and wants to learn and wants to be here. It's incredible.
For example, I met a girl who started her own organization that repairs bikes and gets them to impoverished children in the city.
I met a guy who loves sports and started his own sports broadcasting program at his school...and one of his videos ended up viral and on ESPN.
Is that not the coolest thing??
When they ask me 'what I do', it's funny to tell them that I'm a blogger and that I sell monogrammed t-shirts. It's just so odd to think that that's who I am here, but I love it.
Anyways, back on to what we did yesterday. We arrived at the Wharton facility and all of us absolutely fell in love with the entire atmosphere. It's where most executive MBAs study, so it's a state of the art facility. I mean, I don't even know how to describe how amazing it is.
After we met DAVID POTTRUCK (!!!!!!!!!) and he spoke (incredibly, by the way; very inspirational), we walked to the dining hall, not expecting much...but this was our view. This was taken from the very spot where I was eating lunch, not even kidding. And after lunch? We were free to walk around outside until our next speaker, so I got just a few pictures.
The Wharton facility
 I still can't even believe I'm here, it's just surreal. I've already made so many friends and I'm SO EXCITED about the next few weeks here; being surrounded by people so similar and yet so different to me is the greatest opportunity I've ever been given in my life.

I mean, I saw White House Down last night with the group and ended up practically cuddling with this girl because the movie was so intense. So, Emily, if you're reading this, I'd consider this to be a lifetime bond.

If you're upset that I haven't been posting as many recipes...trust me, I am too. I'm going on my THIRD week without baking. How am I doing it??? I don't know. But, I do have the recipes for fried mac n cheese balls and mini chocolate chip cakes and a great DIY for a towel wrap to share!

This blog means so much to me because it's almost therapeutic. Especially being away from home for so long, it means a lot to me that I can still write and share with my readers, so I'd just like to say thank you. If there's anything that makes me feel at home, it's blogging!


PS: If anyone from LBW is reading this...I hope I haven't creeped you out. :)

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