Friday, July 26, 2013


Freaking out because: I am in Philadelphia, at the great University of Pennsylvania!
Like I've written about plenty of times before, we were in San Francisco for the Leadership in the Business World at the Wharton school. In SF, the Wharton facility is used by executive MBA students, so we got a real treat being in that building! But there are actually 60 other LBW kids in Philly, on the real Penn campus, so for the last week of the program, all 120 students are here!
Yesterday, we flew out of SF into Philly- super fun flight. Losing three hours in the time difference, six hours to a flight, and only getting four hours of sleep the night before is really causing me to be confused and tired, but I'm so happy to be here! Today we're getting up and going to New York City, I mean, talk about a lot of traveling!
But I'm also suffering from lack of wi-fi on my computer (sorry that I'm such a 21st century girl) and an unoperable phone camera (how am I supposed to Instagram??), and I'm a tad behind on blogging. I miss it so much! Don't worry, I'll have TONS to write about and ramble about when I can. But don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@mlscroggin) and on Instagram (@meredithscroggin)!

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