Friday, July 5, 2013

What I Wore: Hi-Low Skirt

I'm very weary of 'trends' sometimes. I mean, you guys remember my freak out over whether or not Polo dresses were still cool (Update: They're cool). And when I saw the 'hi-low' trend over a year ago, I though they were pretty doggone cool. I love maxi-dresses (who doesn't??) and they were so unique.

Then they started to become something that every girl had...and please don't hate me for saying this, but the uniqueness wore off. I tried on dress after dress and couldn't find one I liked. I even tried one on for my formal in January, but something about the way it hit my legs just didn't work. So I gave up on my hi-low mission.

But alas, where was I when I found the perfect hi-low skirt? Walmart. What's the deal with this store?? Remember when I found that darling red dress there?

Regardless, I wore this when we went to Lexington (Massachusetts!) and then on an impromptu trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Kittery, Maine.

Perfect for a sweet little trip in New England.

I had to get a picture of the back! My family called it a reverse-mullet skirt...

But what I honestly love about this skirt is that the back of my legs is one of those weird parts of my body that I'm not a big fan of. This skirt covers it all up perfectly, but without being too conservative.

Isn't this a gorgeous picture from Maine?

This watch is from Target! I needed a 'nicer' watch and spontaneously bought this one for $20! To be honest, I was a little disappointed because I thought the band was tortoise shell, but it's brown. AND I LOVE IT.

I know, I know, everyone has these sandals from Target. They're my most comfortable cute sandals!

It did get to be a little chilly, though, so of course, I had some Monogram Meredith on hand.

Shirt: Target | Skirt: Walmart | Shoes: Target | Watch: Target | Sweatshirt: Monogram Meredith

What are your thoughts on hi-low skirts? (I love comments!)


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