Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do You Have the Time?

I have a friend who's obsessed with watches. I mean, one time, I thought he was only playing on his phone, but he was actually online shopping for watches.

And I'm starting to feel a little bit like that. I randomly got a new watch from Target (still in love, it works perfectly at Leadership in the Business World (LBW), but I still feel the need to look through more and more watches. It's becoming a problem.

I can totally rock the digital watch (I have been for years) and the one above is what I have, but apparently it's not the most professional. Whatevs. But of course I went through some of my favorite brands and found the ones I LOVE. I'm so digging the tortoise shell, but who isn't? 
 Kate Spade watches

Kate spade jewelry

Kate spade jewelry

Kate spade watch

Kate spade jewelry

 I just think that Kate Spade is so chic and classic! I mean, the quilted watch is to die for.

Michael Kors watches

Michael kor

Michael kor

Michael kor
$360 -

Michael kor

Michael michael kor

And you simply can't shop for watches without thinking of Michael Kors! I don't know a lot about designers, but I know that I love Michael Kors.


Fossil watches

Fossil is probably what I'll end up with- very cute but still not over the top expensive! I've even tried on that tortoise one in the store and it felt just perfect.
Again, sorry if these Polyvore creations aren't the best, I'm still a newbie!

What kind of watch do you have?


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