Monday, July 15, 2013

California Gurlz

I have so many emotions. Maybe I'm just becoming emotional, but I cannot even fathom to you how much fun and fantastic everything has been this past week!

I mean, how has a full week gone by? How was it that a week ago, I knew no one, and now I have best friends? How is it that people I met only a few days ago I'm already knowing the ins and outs of? How is it that I've already absorbed so much information in such a little period of time? How is it that my business team is already my family?

I may have been so incredibly busy to write a formal post, but I have been informally journaling to keep up with what we've actually done so far, and I'll share some of those later.

But for now, some of the best pictures from the week.

Aren't these homes on the river too legit??
We totes rock the business casual. Trust me, we've all learned what business casual really is. More to come on that later.
I cannot explain how happy being in a t-shirt and yoga pants makes me. We'd wear dresses/skirts from 6 in the morning to 10 at night and being casual was so stinking nice. Plus, now they all know me as the 'monogram girl' and all want shirts. I'm just walking advertisements.

This is the Wharton facility, placed in the old Hill Bros Coffee shop, super cool!
Here are some of the fun people I've met so far!
Friday, we went to eBay (San Jose), where we got a TON of free stuff: t-shirt, bag, notebook, pen, and a waterbottle. And I get super pumped about freebies.
I know this isn't the best picture, but I bowled SO HARD with some of the best friends I've ever made. We even made it a competition (I've quickly learned that everyone is as competitive as me, even in little things) between the guys and the girls. Naturally, us un-proficient-bowler girls lost.
Saturday was considered just a free day, so we went to the Golden Gate Bridge! Too much fun and way too cool.
The absolute BEST part of Saturday was our amazing race all over San Francisco (photos above are shots from the trip). And when I say all over, I mean all over. At 11 AM, they literally just gave us a list of things with point values, and told us to meet us back at Union Square at 5. A pure SIX hours to completely dominate the other teams.
The rules were that 8 out of the 9 people in the team had to be in the photo (so one person could take it), which turned out to be a bigger struggle than it seemed. Lunch was on our own and we could go as fast as we wanted. So we went fast.
We had to find '101 California' and be as creative as we wanted with it to win!
A Pipe Dream.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
This was hilarious. Our task was to find a non-LBWer in Penn attire, so we asked this kid on the bus if we could take our picture with him.
We did SO many other things (I just don't have the pictures for them), but it's safe to say that I've never embarrassed myself so much as I did that day, especially with people I'd just met.
I mean, heck, I did leap frog on a playground in the middle of Chinatown, did the Macarena in the MIDDLE of the pier for a flash mob, yelled 'I volunteer as tribute!' on a moving bus, asked street performers if they would sing the Canadian anthem with us (they did.) and so much more.
 Standing on that bus at the very end, it didn't feel like I was in a business program and that there were other people, it honest to goodness felt like that team was my family.
Aren't we just the cutest team out there?
No wonder we win everything.

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