Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Green Necklace

One of my favorite parts of camp is that you get to look nice every day. Like I talked about with my fab Walmart dress, showering and simply being clean is so nice after a long day. So the first night of camp, I pulled together a fairly inexpensive outfit that I love.

And we joke that we always have to take pictures! I mean, you can't dress up and look cute without taking a picture: it's so un-21st-century-like.

(And aren't Caroline's pants adorable?? They're from Banana Republic and I'm obsessed with them. And I'm starting to fall in love with Banana Republic!)

My favorite part of this outfit is my green necklace. I got it from Versona, a store in Lexington. I know there are others in other cities, but I'm not sure where! (Here's a store locator)
It's such an inexpensive store for jewelry. I don't live near it, but a lot of friends do, and they were all telling me that it was right up my alley and I had to try it. So one day I made the truck over there and almost had an anxiety attack. The whole store is color-coded by accessories, and the options are endless.
This green necklace was on sale for THREE DOLLARS. Yup, I kid you not.
My dress is from TJ Maxx (probably my favorite place on the planet), sweater is from Banana Republic (on clearance), and my bag is from Banana Republic as well! This little crossbody is quickly becoming my go-to for everything.
My green necklace is one of my favorites because I got it so cheap and it can pull together an entire outfit!
What kinds of steals have you gotten? What pieces pull together one of your outfits?
with lots of statement necklace love,
PS: Need a baking idea for the Fourth of July? Try my super easy festive cupcakes!

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