Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seersucker: A Love Affair

If you know me, you know my family. I love my family like no one else- they're the funniest people I know and also some of the sweetest. I mean, the Scroggins are infamous among my friends for just being goofy.

Anyways, the other night, my dad wanted to take a family photo, one that we could blow up real big and hang up on the wall and I suggested that we coordinate in seersucker. So we did.

What's funny about this picture is that we all look around the same height, but I'm 5'11", so that shows you how tall of a family I have!

I just love that we matched in seersucker! This post is all about seersucker (and my family, of course), so here are some of the pictures from our 'photo shoot'.

We've gotten used to this quick photo assembly of 'age order'.
Don't let this picture fool you, I am taller than my baby sister!
Skirt: G.H. Bass
Shoes: TJ Maxx

(Last summer)
Even my friends are obsessed with it!
Here are some of my favorite seersucker things found on Pinterest! I want ALL of it- especially the cute accessories, like the tumbler, bow, and headbands! There's a new Graves & Cox in the mall near where I live and they sell the cutest seersucker hard headbands and I'm obsessed with them.
What do you love seersucker?
PS- I'm now a part of the Southern Blog Society!


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