Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jack Rogers

 I know that every other girl already owns a pair of Jack Rogers and I'm behind in that. But I want a pair so stinking badly and I can't wait to get some! I've been asking around about what size and color I should get and I'm so close to ordering some.
Also, I just got Polyvore and as confused as I am with it, I think I'm starting to figure it out! So I made this 'set' with the Jacks that I absolutely love! I am so sorry if I'm just an ignorant Polyvore novice.

Right now, I think I'm headed towards the platinum- I wear too much silver and too much gold to really decide on one of those two. And I've posted some of the other ones that I'm in love with, too! You can't go wrong with the monogrammed pair (hey, I am Monogram Meredith).

Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers by meredithscroggin featuring thong sandals

 What do y'all think about Jacks and/or Polyvore? Follow me if you get the chance!


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