Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Daddy-o

I know we all say we love our dads a lot. And we do. But what's great about dads is that we all have such a different relationship with them and that's why they're so special.

My dad is special to me in SO many ways. He's the one that's exactly like me- we're both very stubborn, logic-minded, rule-followers, and independent. He's the one that has taught me every thing I need to know about life and the way the world works and how to be independent and how to get what you want out of life and how to save your money and how to prioritize. He's tough, but that's why I love him. I remember being little and him buying me a Harvard t-shirt for Christmas, telling me that I could study law there some day. It wasn't that he wanted me to necessarily go to Harvard, but he wanted me to know that if I wanted to go there, I could. The best thing he ever taught me and the thing that echoes through my head when I think of him is "If you put your mind to it, you can do it."

He's the one that makes sure I follow through with my goals and dreams and doesn't get me to where I want to be, but makes sure I can do it on my own and I can do it well.

He's the one that plans the BEST trips, including taking us to wherever we want for our 12th birthday.

He's the one who made us take a picture with this gamecock in South Carolina because he thought it was funny...go cocks?
Seriously the goofiest guy I know.
The one who makes me do things I normally don't want to do, including a five mile bike ride in the wind (I don't do bikes).
The one who'll get temporary tattoos and laugh his head off about it.
The one who will take us on the wildest college trip of all time and take pictures in front of the Duke stadium because "We like UK and it'll be funny".

The one who spontaneously decided to take us to Catlanta for the NCAA basketball tournament and let us skip school for such a big thing, the one that will take you driving in a snowy parking lot because it's "very important to know how to drive in all conditions", the one who will let you do whatever you want "because Mom isn't home and I'm a cool dad".

But other than that, he's just my daddy-o.

Love you lots, Dad!


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