Sunday, June 23, 2013


Oh, this time has come. I knew it would for a while, but I didn't know it would come this quickly!

Today I leave for the first of many summer adventures, but I leave my beautiful city for six whole weeks! I'm so excited, but I'm going to miss so much. After spending my few weeks of summer at home with all of my friends, it'll be super weird to leave them. Fortunately, I'll be with my family for a week in Boston before I go to San Francisco for the biggest of all my adventures. San Francisco is the opportunity of a lifetime! But I'll tell you what, I have some serious business suits packed for that. And I'll rock the business casual in J. Crew and Banana Republic!

Anyways, the weirdest part of all of it will be that I can't craft or bake for 6 whole weeks. I know, it probably sounds like I'm just saying that, but I'm dead serious about being upset about that. That's why I have some awesome recipes queued up that I haven't shared yet (but I have shared the Cream Cheese Garlic Dip!). So don't hate me for not blogging just crafts and recipes all the time because I'm just as upset as you. And no Monogram Meredith shirts will be made during this time, either! Trust me, once I get back, Monogram Meredith will be bigger and better than ever. Like I talked about once in a post, I'm super excited to learn, which is what I'll do during the Wharton program: learning how to think more creatively and ultimately, expand Monogram Meredith!

But don't fret if you do want a shirt! E-mail me, text me, or fill out a contact form if you have an order. The sooner you do it, the closer you'll be to the top of the list, and your shirt will be done ASAP!

Again, I'm EXCITED (I know I keep using this word but I don't know how else I should describe myself??) for everything going on this summer. It means so much to me that people keep up with my blog, so please keep up during all this hustle and bustle of new experiences!

this is so bittersweet,

**EDIT: If you're coming across my blog for the first time, this is an odd time for me! I'm out on vacation and in a summer program. My blog is usually all about baking and the odds and ends of a preppy life, but this is what it is for now! Please keep reading!

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