Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Bow Kind of Girl

Yep, I'm a bow kind of girl. I wore them when I was little and I still wear them today, as a 17 year old. They're my favorite: they make outfits so much cuter and make you feel so much better and more playful.

Since I've been at Passport, I've rocked the bow twice! Once was for our dance, where our whole youth group went in University of Kentucky gear (We do bleed blue).

Note: This wasn't our whole youth group! Only the girls and Mark.
And I mean, when in doubt, wear a bow!
I wore the same bow last night for worship. There's just something about being all messy and dirty and gross during the day and coming back to shower and be clean. Yesterday, we had one heck of a messy day at the recycling center, and then we went to the lake for our free time! It was fun, but it was so nice to be all dressed up.

And I was Honor Camper for my mission site.
Now, y'all know I do things low-budget. I love shopping and I love new things and I love splurging every once and a while, but heck, if you find something cute cheap, you're not gonna pass it by! So, when I tell you that this dress is from Walmart are you going to believe me?!
Yes sir and yes ma'am, this dress is from the good ol' Walmart. We were picking up a few random things before all my trips and found this. It goes straight down with no waist, so I added a thick brown belt to go with it. I'm in love with this dress, and it was so cheap.
But right now I'm having the time of my life. I can't wait to share some of my life-changing experiences in an upcoming blog post! It makes me want to scream from the rooftops about my faith and step out of my comfort zone to tell people about this crazy love and eternal grace in a Christian lifestyle. It's not chores or rules, it's the reason for my happiness and peace.
Anyways, I'll write more about that later!
from a girl full of crazy love,
PS: What does Mere do after blog pictures have been taken?
...put on a pair of pajama pants and hang out. Even one of our chaperones saw me like this and said, "Quick, take a picture and put this on your blog!" What do you mean plaid flannel pants don't match?

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