Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday.

I am in absolute disbelief that the school year is (almost) over. I know I keep writing about it, but so much has changed since last summer and throughout this year.
But oh my goodness gracious, this year has been magnificent and wonderful and I feel like it's been so much more than I ever thought it would be and it's just been so different.

The biggest thing that's probably changed my whole year has been my lack of volleyball, because not playing it has changed so much. I learned that I didn't have to identify as an athlete to be taken seriously (why did I think this?? I have no idea), I learned that there are so many more fun ways to work out other than jump roping constantly and doing squats like there's no tomorrow (I got to play some super fun indoor soccer), and I learned that there are things I enjoy WAY more than waking up at 5 AM every Saturday morning to play in a hot gym for 14 hours and spending lots of my time in spandex shorts. I mean, I know that's what I loved about playing volleyball, but it feels like such a relief to not worry about it.

What I learned is that I L O V E to bake and cook. I mean, I used to not be able to successfully make coffee (now I live on making coffee??), but I find a serious comfort in having a kitchen full of supplies and a recipe to follow- if there are step by step instructions on how to make something, I feel a little bit invincible. And then everything is yummy at the end!

And that taught me that I like to craft, which taught me that I like to make monogrammed shirts, and that I loved starting my own business and that I loved to write by starting my own blog. I've learned that I love to learn. I've learned that I love to feel like I can do something and that I love feeling like I'm on top of the world and that I love what I believe in and I love my friends and my family and I even like being by myself (even when everyone else is out). I love a LOT.

I like to think about when I had NO CLUE how to bake or make anything at all and think about how far I've come...
I felt like I had labored over this 'dessert'. I used one sugar cookie mix and tried to make one big cookie. I spelled out 'Adam' in M&Ms and it all broke and I was so embarrassed.
Yeah! I learned how to bake break-away cookies.....!
But I'm being dead serious when I say that this year has been GREAT. It makes me excited for senior year and college but not want to leave the high school that I love. Everything about this year has been great- even all the stresses and worries and anxiety have been worth it. I can't even put into words how happy I am.
A few (not near all of them) of my favorite memories that I just had to share:
I got married and gained a few sister wives.
First day of school.
We had the most fun white-out football game. I'm in the top picture! (Creds to Lauren Duffy)
We visited NINE schools in three days. Pictured is us at Duke.
After our superb 'Get Out the Vote' rally, we met Coach Cal!
Played indoor soccer.
I went to a formal, Seniors.
I spoke in front of our whole church.
Had a blast on Spring Break with some of my best friends in the whole world.
And overall, just got closer with so many people that I love so dearly!
So please excuse all my sentiment and emotion, I promise I'll get back to baking recipes soon!
I'm stoked for this summer and all of my new adventures to come... and for my senior project that I'll be writing about in the future.

So a big 'hasta la vista' to junior year and all the times I had!


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