Sunday, May 5, 2013

rainy sunday

I've realized that I should probably start blogging more regularly, even if it's not a super cool recipe or something super planned out. Partially because it'll make for a more interesting blog and partially because I enjoy writing and this helps my skills.

So I've been trying to eat more healthily on a more consistent basis. I love eating clean and working out hard, but it's mostly been restricted to when I have time. Which is a pretty pathetic excuse, because what I eat doesn't depend on how much time I have... it's usually correlated to stress, which at this point in May has been through the roof. So many tests and end of the year issues and blah blah blah... it's killing me (BUT SUMMER IS SOON HOLLA).

But I knew that I could do better getting through this if I eat better (even when I'm stressed) and work out every day. And it's most definitely been helping a lot- I just feel so much better. And I figured that if I can't blog new baking recipes, I can at least blog some of my meals to hold me accountable, right?

Today, I had such a good lunch ermahgherd. My favorite thing about Sundays is coming home from church, changing into more comfortable clothes, and fixing a great lunch.

I had the best pasta salad that my mom had made for a tailgate, and you know how much I love pasta salad.

I've been obsessed with sourdough bread for forever and it's such a treat in our house. My grandma makes the best homemade sourdough bread, but this loaf was from Trader Joe's (love Trader Joe's, but the best stuff there is the bread).

Anyways, I toasted it and spread some honey-cinnamon butter, peanut butter, and bananas. Not kidding, this tasted like a dessert. I'm always a fan of any peanut butter-banana combo (have you tried my healthy PB-banana-chocolate ice cream?!), but with the honey-cinnamon butter, it was sooo delish.

And of course I'm a coffee addict, especially when it's rainy like today and you can enjoy it out of a bright, sunny Lilly mug.

And my new addiction is this fat-free half and half: I've been going my whole life just putting skim milk in coffee, but this stuff is the BEST.

Today'll be full of studying and making some monogrammed shirts (can't wait to post some of my new ones!), but having a good Pandora station on doesn't hurt. My favorite station as of now is 'Lite Rock Songwriters'; it just makes me happy. Lots of James Taylor, Billy Joel, Beatles, and Elton John... gotta love it.

I know Fire and Rain is one of James Taylor's most famous songs, but it's my favorite.

I have lots of work to do with it, but I'm working on something with Monogram Meredith and tank tops and sweatshirts and perhaps even FROCKETS, and I have tons of new fabrics... super pumped about it.

Hope everyone had a great Derby day and that today's a great Cinco de Mayo!


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