Friday, May 31, 2013

Dedicated to Iced Coffee

Sweet, sweet summertime. It's so hot and steamy and it's one reason why I love iced coffee. I'm a coffee addict, but sometimes it's just too hot for sitting outside with a warm cup of coffee, so I turn to iced coffee. One of my favorite blogs, College Prep, posted about #SignsOfSummer, and iced coffee is one of my signs.

I've written before about my 80 Calorie 'Frappucino' and why it's great for saving money and calories, but sometimes I'm really just not in the mood for pulling out my blender and making one. But that doesn't make me feel inclined to go buy coffee, because y'all know of my stingy attitude with money.

So I do what I do best and make it myself. The routine I've gotten into the habit is making coffee normally, having a cup (or two) and then instead of throwing out the extra, I pour it into an old Powerade or Vitamin Water bottle (I know it's a little crazy that we save them, but oh well) and stick it in our refrigerator.

After about two days of this, you have a full bottle and just fix it up with whatever you want. During AP tests, I would make these the night before and just grab a bottle when I left! Very convenient.

To keep my coffee as 'skinny' as possible, I use my fave fat-free half & half and about five packets of Splenda. Shake it up and pour over ice!

Enjoy your cooled drink!

Also, I posted it late yesterday, but if you missed my post about needing young entrepreneurs, read up!

And enjoy this beautiful weekend...

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