Thursday, May 30, 2013

Calling all bright young people!

Do you have a small fragment of an idea or already an existing business?

The program I'm in at school (Liberal Arts Academy) has a great senior capstone project, infamously known as the 'Mentoring Project'. What you're supposed to do is take one of your passions and really delve into it, whether you're interning somewhere, starting a project, creating a charity, or studying more about what you love.

My passions are business, writing, and crafting (plus some others!), so this blog and small business fit hand-in-hand. I absolutely loved setting up a website and spreadsheets and networking on my own, but that's because that's what I love.

I also have a strong passion for people my age doing pretty cool things. I know so many people that have started their own organizations, charities, and of course, my favorite, their own businesses.

So when I see my friends with these great ideas for businesses but only an inkling of a thought of what to do, it really inspires me to promote their ideas! I loved writing about Silvia's skirts and helping to get her name more 'out there', with whatever little influence I have with this blog.

All that to say, my mentoring project is going to be a combination of all of these things! I'm going to expand my monogrammed shirt business, learn how to make some other items, and start up a young entrepreneurial network, mostly for those in Lexington.

Already this summer, I've been thinking of some things that I'm so excited for. I've been working on getting people that have these great ideas for businesses to work with me because I truly believe in a win-win attitude.

But I still need help! Do you have any sort of thing that you want to sell or offer as your own? Do you have a cool project where you want more publicity? Do you know of anyone who has creativity they can share? LET ME KNOW (email me: I'm not kidding, if you're someone that has any of these things, regardless of whether or not we're close or know each other, I really want to know. This could help me and you tremendously!

I'm still a little fuzzy on the details, but I know that in the fall, I'll be able to get a lot more involved with this project. (I don't know if I've freaked out about it enough, but I cannot wait to learn more about business and leadership at Wharton this summer and I know I'll come back with even greater, bolder thoughts!)

This blog and this small business mean so much to me and I appreciate everyone who reads it. But trust me, this is just the beginning. So many bigger and better things are to come!

love y'all lots,

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