Sunday, April 14, 2013

Windows Down Playlist

All of my blogs usually revolve around food or crafts or monogrammed shirts. But my English class has a blog with prompts that are sort of fun, so I figured I'd share this week's on here as well! (The prompt was choosing your top five songs for a playlist of doing anything you wish)

In the spirit of warm, spring weather, I'm just really loving being able to roll down the windows and play country music. I know, I know, that sounds like a country song in and of itself, but there's something about warm weather and driving that makes me even more obsessed with it. So here's my playlist for when you're in my sort of perfect moment: driving with the windows down, warm weather, and nothing to do.
1. Beat This Summer (Brad Paisley)- This one's new, but I know it's going to be the summer anthem. I love Brad Paisley and I LOVE this song. Its message is pretty simple: "But the sun keeps settin', the days go fast and the sand the beach is like an hourglass...I ain't gonna beat this summer" and I just love it.
2. Out of Summertime (Scotty McCreery)- "OH MY GOSH I LOVE SCOTTY MCCREERY HE'S MY HUSBAND" screams every teenage girl. I love him, but I'm obsessed with this song. Hopefully we're not out of summertime (considering it hasn't even started), but you can't help but smile when you're listening to this.
3. Highway Don't Care (Tim McGraw feat. Keith Urban and Taylor Swift)- The reason I put this song on here was because the first lines are "Bet your window's rolled down and your hair's pulled back and I bet you got no idea you're going way too fast" and even though this could apply to a million girls, my windows were in fact rolled down, my hair was pulled back, and I was going too fast (don't tell my mom). So then I got hooked and I love the chorus (*everyone lets out a collective groan against T-Swift*) and it's just pretty catchy.
4. Get Your Shine On (Florida Georgia Line)- This is the ULTIMATE summer song (as well as their other popular song, Cruise) and it's a song that just makes me happy.
5. The Road and the Radio (Kenny Chesney)- It's from 2005, but as a Kenny Chesney fan, it's one of my favorites. Most of these songs don't have any direct application to my life (other than them being good to sing along to), but 'the road and the radio' is what I like to do and what this playlist is about.
Honestly, I could put a million other songs on here (most of them being by Billy Currington and Eric Church, or just from the Country Top 40), but these highlight some songs good for the windows down and the music up.
Just because I had to: Wagon Wheel, I Drive Your Truck, Sure Be Cool If You Did, Like Jesus Does, Good Directions, Until You, 1994, Big Green Tractor, Highway 20 Ride, Summertime

Hope you're enjoying this nice weather!
- Meredith

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