Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Silvia's Etsy!

I'm a huge fan of any sort of entrepreneurship from people my age, especially when it's a girl I know and love! My friend, Silvia, learned how to sew and make skirts, so points for her. But not only did she learn to sew, she created her own Etsy shop  to sell her skirts!

When I saw the pictures all over my Facebook feed, I was blown away by how cute the skirts were and how great the pictures were. My other friend, Lauren, is super into photography and took some great photos for Silvia. Lauren's Facebook page is here, and her photo-a-day project website is here. I highly recommend checking out both pages- she's a pretty cool photographer.

Anyways, Silvia sells two styles of skirts: suede with pockets and an A-line mini with accordion pleats, and they're sold in the cutest colors.

Pictured below is Silvia (in the red, suede skirt) and my other great friend, Roshnee (in the blue A-line skirt).

Aren't they the cutest?

The best thing is that these skirts are only $22 and $24: what a freaking steal.
While wandering around her Etsy shop, I was reminded of my lack of bracelet-making skills...she's selling cool friendship bracelets too. You know, the ones only the most talented of us could make? So jealous.

You've gotta admire Silvia for being such a great entrepreneur. Check out her Etsy shop: Nepoata!

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