Tuesday, December 31, 2013

this goes out to my homie, 2013

I joked about yesterday that I wouldn't be a real blogger if I didn't have a post dedicated to it being the end of 2013 and I was only halfway joking.

The reason we have to have all of these end of the year posts, tweets, Instagram pictures/videos, Facebook posts, etc is because we feel a need to always reflect. Y'all know that I reflect on everything, whether it be a day, weekend, week, month, year, whatever (Examples 1, 2, and 3). I have so many posts where it's nice to just look back and commemorate on the time that we've had. And I love it! To be in this blogging thing, you have to have several things, two of them being humility and gratitude, which go hand in hand with this post.

2013 was a freaking fantastic year. It was a year of so many new things, more than have ever happened in my little life. When I think about the beginning of last year and one of the first big things was participating in our Youth Sunday at church where I gave my testimony, I beam. I spoke in front of my entire church about the problems I had freshman year and how I had gotten over them through the love and power of Christ, and that was one of the first times I really expressed my voice and love of God to the public. I had no clue that in a few months, my new blog would be doing that for me.

I will reiterate that everything I've done and gotten to in my life are through Christ. Some people may try to get rid of a religious aspect of their blog, and even though this isn't a 'religious blog', it's part of who I am!

At the beginning of last year if someone were to ask me what my passions were, I would probably just say reading. If someone were to ask me if I could see where my future was going, I would probably say something completely different. This year, I defined the word passion in the views of both Meredith Scroggin and Monogram Meredith.

I've written about it in blog posts and in college essays galore, but I really think passion is something that's an integral part of every single person. My blog started as a way to promote my shirts and share recipes, but the growth and development of what it is now and what I write about now just shows me the kinds of growth I have personally gone through. Yeah, I only turned 18 this year and I have so many things to figure out about who I am, but this was a great start to being 'an adult'. (*shivers*)

This year, I learned. Can't even express that enough. I learned how to start my own business, how to do this blog thing, how to be a better Meredith, and learned things that I won't ever stop learning. My shirts may just be monogrammed t-shirts, but they are the sole reason for my blog being titled Monogram Meredith and my friends referring to me as Monogram Meredith and my readers knowing me as Monogram Meredith. My shirts showed me that I see myself going into business and prompted me to look at schools (and summer programs) focused on business. My shirts are cute things that people wear, but they hold so much more of a significant meaning than just shirts.

This year, I met people that I fell in love with. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, but I fell in love with knowing and meeting and interacting with people and learning about people. I met so many new people through my Leadership in the Business World program that I still keep so dear to my heart. Through blogging, I've met (whether virtually or in real life) the most incredible people that I would have never met if I hadn't started this blog. I've met new people that are my close friends and gotten closer with people that have been in my life for a while.

And more than anything, this year I made memories that I could capture through the presence of this blog. (I've put so many throwback photos on my other posts that I'm just trying to really focus on things that happened and photos that align with memories, not posts or photos that I love :) )

what?? this was from my first blog post on this site

But I will say that my three big things (Passport, vacation, LBW) this summer were by far some of the best memories.

(the one time my sister and I took candy from strangers-- they were filming a commercial)

If there's one thing I would go back to and relive over and over, it'd be LBW.

the time I got stuck in an elevator with 20 people for an hour at LBW

...and the beginning of my last year of high school

believe it or not, The Blog Baton was such a great day/memory!

Again, so, so, so many memories and people that I simply didn't have photos for but were a HUGE part of my 2013. 

I'm going to be writing about my New Years Resolutions Goals soon, but for now, this is a shoutout to 2013. 

I get excited for this year being over because even there were incredible amounts of changes and cool things that happened, I know that next year when I write my post for 2014 ending, literally everything will have changed. (College, ya know)

And as my sweet blog friend, Rachel (Sunshine and Sinatra) said, Dear 2014: Love Me.



PS: Want to see my spazzed out version of what my 2013 looked like in Instagram photos (and possibly get dizzy/get a seizure/call me a millennial for squeezing one year into 15 seconds)? Click here.

Monday, December 30, 2013

catchin up

To be honest, I haven't done very much this break. And it's been great. I'm reeeeeeally dreading going back to school on Thursday (pray for me, ugh).

I've been mostly sitting around on Tumblr (follow me!) and Pinterest and actually pretty okay with it. Winter break's so different because it feels like you have two weeks to squeeze in all of your lazy-ing around, as opposed to summer break where it's much longer. Whatever. I like sleeping and being productive.

It's really weird that 2013 is coming to a close... but I'll have a more dramatic post about that later (I'm a blogger, I have to have a dramatic 2013 post). But watch for my cool Flipagram thing tomorrow on Instagram! (Y'all I don't mean to be in your face about social media though, seriously)

Anyway, here's my outfit from yesterday that I was super excited about.

It's a little hard to see and my legs look enormous, but it was the only shot I could get. It was a very late and relaxed look for church and running around yesterday.

Cords: Merona (Target) | Sweater: Old Navy | Vest: Banana Republic | Shoes: American Eagle

{Eating lots as well}

Whatever, y'all, I'm proud of my Christmas cookie decorating and that I haven't eaten all of them yet.

 {More coffee than a person can imagine.}

And okay, this is really weird but one of the funniest things. Last night, my family was out getting dinner and for some reason, my brother and his girlfriend had gotten these costumes, my brother's being the penguin. They were still in the car and so when we stopped to watch the lights/music at the fire station, my sister got the urge to put it on and dance outside. Honestly the funniest thing of my life.

Goodness gracious, I don't even know.

Hope your weekend was great!

Happy Monday,

Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Customizable/Monogrammed Phone Chargers {Vlog}

Eeeee! I am so excited to share my photos and how-to for my monogrammed phone chargers!

So here's the video I made (but I'm still not used to my voice...seriously, guys, I don't usually have such a high-pitched voice):

And more photos!

Mine is You Gotta Regatta (classic Lilly print). I had originally tried Let's Get Nauti with a script monogram, but it was way too grainy.

My brother's, which is a cool blue triangle pattern.

My sister's, the Lilly chevron print.

....And Sloan's. He's a hoot and a half, so he chose a funny baby photo of himself. I have the oddest family.

It's really been the highlight of my day. I talked about it in the video, but I made this post and video because I can get so confused by DIY guides (I don't hate them, I'm just very slow!) and I hope that this is a good tutorial for step-by-step. Again, this guide is possible for any picture, design, graphic, anything. It's a very simple setup with just a little bit of background. 

I've also included screenshots of the process because it's hard to see the details of the computer in the video.  If you click on them, they'll show you full-screen and you can click through each one.

Seriously, let me know if you have any questions! Follow me on Bloglovin' and 'Join This Site' on Google Friend Connect and e-mail me if you want me to create one for you! (monogrammeredith@gmail.com)

love y'all lots,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

UK-UofL Basketball Workout

Hello, my dears! Today is Saturday, December 28th. Which means that in the state of Kentucky, only one thing is happening.
The UK-UofL basketball game, easily one of the biggest games of the year. You don't schedule anything for today because everybody and their brother is in front of a TV, cheering on our Cats (because Louisville doesn't exist).
My sweet friend, Macy Early (fitness extraordinaire) was so willing to send me the workout she created for the game! No matter if you're cheering for the Cats or the Cardinals, you'll be getting a sweet workout out of this, so I urge you all to try it! This is such a good start on your possible New Years Resolution, too!
And if you're not from Kentucky and not focused on the huge game, I think it's a great workout to save for any game you're watching!
I've put it on here as a photo so that you can save it to your phone or print it and keep with you while you're watching.

(Click to enlarge)
And here's the plain text:
UK-UofL Basketball Game Workout
What happened What to do
During Play:
Made Free Throw 10 crunches (any variety)
Missed Free Throw V-up Crunch
Personal Foul 10 Leg kick abs (hold partner’s ankles, and kick legs up from ground to partner’s hands)
Technical Foul Wall Squats until play resumes
Intentional Foul / fighting 45 seconds plank
Turnover 5 Lunges (any variety)
Slam Dunk 10 Jumping Jacks
Three point shot 5 Push Ups
Jump Ball 10 Scissors Abs
Alley-oop 10 Standing Shoulder Flies
Lead Change 10 Russian Twists
Chatting it Up:
An Announcer Mentions the Draft 5 Sumo Squats
Siva is mentioned 5 Chair Dips
Celebrity Spotting 5 Squats
The Players
Harrison Gets 3 fouls in the first half 30 seconds Jumping Squats (aww....)
Julius Randall gets a double-double Sun Salutation!
Every time Poythress Scores Star Jump! (yay!)
Harrison Twin pouts at a foul call 10 Squat Jacks
The Inevitables
Half Time Donkey Kick Set (15 donkey kicks per leg with 10 pulses)
Point Margin (at half and final) Burpees (repetitions = point spread)
Again, all credits are due to Miss Macy Early!
Hope y'all enjoy; let me know how it goes!
#BBN all day, err day.
Go Cats,

Friday, December 27, 2013

when I grow up

When we're little, people ask us what we want to be when we grow up, and we tell them the typical things: a mommy, doctor, princess, dancer, singer, cook, etc. I think I'm at that point where I'm  starting to think about what I realistically want to do and all of the incredible careers that are out there for weirdos like me. Still not accepting the fact that yeah, time is passing, and one day, hopefully far in the future, I'm going to be 'grown up'.

(And not like in the Pussycat Dolls song.)

I'm pretty sure that on a daily basis I tell someone what my dream job is. I mean, the good Lord knows that I tweet it every other day, sooooo here's my list of my perfect jobs. Granted, I still have to get into college and get a degree and all, but hey, this is fun, too.

Create prints for Lilly Pulitzer
Haven't you ever seen their adorable Instagram photos and videos? I'd get so excited to create prints and designs way before they're ever for sale and then being able to see girls walking around everywhere toting a design that I made. Or just work for Lilly.

Work for the Pinterest team. 
Being in San Francisco this summer was amazing because it was where half of these huge tech startups were located, including Pinterest. Besides that, how cool would it be to promote the most fun app out there?! I mean, they have spots in their creative department for designing products and their culture ugh just let me work there.

Or work for Google. 
Being there this summer was UNREAL. (...also don't I have the cutest friend Liz?)

Social media marketing. 
Alright, y'all know social media is my fave thing. Did you know people GET PAID TO DO IT? All of our fine Instagram editin' and caption creatin' and funny Tweetin' could literally pay off. I think my favorite example of this is Krista Robertson, who graduated from the University of Kentucky (#BBN) and is currently working in NYC doing social media for the MLB. Yeah, she's doing SOCIAL MEDIA for a league involving CUTE BASEBALL PLAYERS. She's livin' the life. And she has cute clothes.

Be a buyer for a major store.
....because duh, if Rachel can do it, I can too.


Or I could be Monica and own my own restaurant. Or my own bakery. 
I'd be really, really, really happy either way.

An event planner of some sorts. 
All of your weddings will be brought to you by my highly intricate wedding board on Pinterest

Work for Kate Spade.
All their cute little sayings get me so motivated...if I work there, do I get free things? (jk jk jk)

An author. 
Look, I have no clue what I'd write about, but I like talking and I like writing.

Interior Designer. 
I've watched enough HGTV with my mom to know what happens, right?!

Work for a magazine. 
Honestly, it's all over the place-- fashion, beauty, politics, whatever. Any place I get to do the same kind of things I do on here would be great.

(*update) Writer or Actor on SNL.
I love SNL more than anything, guys.

A stylist. 
I love fashion and people... any more you need to know?

A professional quote-maker of things found on Pinterest. 
Oh wait this isn't a j

I mean obviously it'd be cool to say I wanted to be a surgeon, judge on American Idol, or veterinarian, but come on, I'm not going to be good at any of those. But being any of these people and having their careers would be SWEET.

Mindy Kaling- Um, she's hilarious and gets paid for people to pay attention to her and laugh at her jokes. (okay please someone just laugh at my jokes you don't even have to pay me) She even wrote a book about her life and got paid for it.

Rachael Ray- Again, she makes food for people and then has a show where she just talks to people. I even watched the funniest clip of her and Neil Patrick Harris and just died.

Mackenzie Horan- Okay, yes, she's a blogger with her own boutique, Design Darling. Um, hello?!

Beyoncé- Who doesn't want to be Beyoncé?? Now, really, that's out of the question because y'all probably don't want to hear me singing. (Also, have you taken the 'Which Beyoncé Are You' quiz?)

Anderson Cooper- I don't know if I could do what he does, but I think he's incredible.


Any member of the KJP/Sarah Vickers/Sadie Zucchi crew. I think they're the absolute coolest people alive.

Kate Middleton- Okay, okay, not really a career, but she IS STILL MY IDOL.

So, yeah, if you're ever in need of some amazing women and men with incredible careers, know that they're all right here. And if you want to create your own startup with me where we CONQUER THE WORLD, I'm open to that, too, because that'll be my fallback option. (Juuuuuust kidding, guys)

Who or what do you want to be when you 'grow up'?


PS-- I mentioned my friend Liz up above, but seriously, she's one of my best friends from LBW and a true classic prepster on (and off) Tumblr, so go follow my homegirl from New Jersey